1. Te10er Limited, having its registered office in 20 Foundry Court, Coleraine, Northern Ireland, BT52 1XG, operates the My10er Shopping Community ("My10er") that allows participants ("Members") to obtain benefits by purchasing goods and services from My10er Loyalty Merchants ("Loyalty Merchants"). Members are registered with My10er, enabling them to purchase goods and services from Loyalty Merchants, and, thereby, to generate benefits in My10er.

2. General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) for the UK will be concluded between the My10er and My10er Members.

1. Object of the Contract

1.1. A Member’s Purchases are recorded under the My10er. A Member can use three different methods to make Purchases:

1.2. In accordance with these GTCs, a Member is authorised to participate in the My10er and to receive Member Benefits.

2. Basis of the Contract

2.1. Upon acceptance by My10er of an application to register, the applicant will become a Member and receive a personal, non-transferable Membership ID. This entitles him to participate in the My10er. Membership of the My10er is free of charge.

2.2. In order to complete the contract, Member may be registered with a Loyalty Merchant or may apply to be registered using My10er Offline Registration Form or apply online using My10er Online Registration Form.

2.3. A Member warrants that the information that he has provided to My10er is correct. A Member undertakes to inform My10er without undue delay of any changes to the personal data provided at the time of registration (in particular e-mail address, telephone

number etc.).

2.4. Each natural person or legal entity is only permitted to register once (i.e. only one Membership ID).

3. Legal Relationship

3.1. A Member is not entitled to receive money or collect funds on behalf of My10er.

4. My10er Shopping Community

4.1. By making a purchase from a Loyalty Merchant, a Member acquires Member Benefits in accordance with these GTCs. The Member Benefits and their respective conditions are described in more detail in Clause 5.

4.2. To be able to grant Member Benefits, My10er enters into contracts with Loyalty Merchants. Current Loyalty Merchants are listed at

4.3. A Member can use one of the follow methods to record his purchase:

4.3.1 My10er Card;

4.3.2 My10er Voucher; see Clause 5 for more information on the use of Vouchers; .

4.4. For the methods described under Clauses 4.3.1 and 4.3.2, the Loyalty Merchant sends all purchase and/or billing data to My10er for the calculation of the resulting Member Benefits.

5. Member Benefits

5.1. A Member accumulates benefits by making purchases with Loyalty Merchants. Member Benefits depend on the amount spent and conditions agreed with the particular Loyalty Merchant.

5.2. Since accumulated, My10er Voucher can be used to make a purchase only from the Loyalty Merchant. The value of the My10er Voucher is always £10. Loyalty Merchants are not permitted to exchange the Voucher for cash, either in whole or in part.

6. My10er Special Deals

6.1. All valid Special Deals created by Loyalty Merchants are listed and available for purchase at
6.2. When buying a Special Deal, Member must realise that the Special Deal Voucher will be identified with the name of the Loyalty Merchant.

6.3. My10er guarantees that the Special Deal Voucher bought by a Member can be redeemed at and/or used to pay for a purchase from the Loyalty Merchant.

6.4. A Special Deal Voucher bought from My10er cannot be returned and payments cannot be refunded, subject to the following exception:

6.4.1 A Member is entitled to return the Special Deal Voucher pursuant under the Distance Selling Regulations.

7. Online Services

7.1. My10er will provide each Member with his own Personal Member Account at free of charge. Once a Member has entered his

login and password, he can view his purchases and Member Benefits.

7.2. A Member must retain securely and confidentially his access data for his Personal Member Account (user name, password). Third parties must not be given access to this information. A Member is able to amend his personal settings at any time at

7.3. A Member undertakes to notify My10er without delay of any improper use of access to his Personal Member Account. Access to a Member’s

account will be blocked immediately and new access data will be sent to the Member by text message or e-mail.

8. Data Protection

8.1. As the party responsible under data protection law, My10er collects, stores and processes Member data, insofar as this is necessary to

operate the My10er Shopping Community, i.e. calculating Member Benefits.

With the Member’s consent, My10er can also use the Member’s data to provide personalised information about offers and products from My10er and Loyalty Merchants.

8.2. All enquiries regarding the amendment and deletion of data can be submitted directly to My10er.

8.3. Further data protection regulations relevant to the use of the My10er website can be found in the data protection declaration at

8.4. My10er uses established security equipment and methods to protect its Members’ data from unauthorised access.

8.5. Consent under data protection legislation: The Member hereby agrees that My10er can collect personal data concerning his purchasing behaviour (interests and preferences etc.) under the My10er Shopping Community and can use this information to contact the Member, either in person or by e-mail, to send him personalised information and to advertise the My10er Shopping Community and Loyalty Merchant offers.

The Member can revoke his consent at any time by email. A written withdrawal should be submitted to

9. Disruptions to Service

9.1. The scope of services offered by My10er is restricted to the operation of the My10er Shopping Community as described in these GTCs.

9.2. The rights and obligations related to a purchase shall apply solely to the Loyalty Merchant. Following the completion of a contract with a Loyalty Merchant, My10er assumes no warranty obligations or liability for the Loyalty Merchant’s service obligations, in particular for the Loyalty Merchant’s failure to fulfil obligations, in whole or in part.

9.3. Should a Loyalty Merchant fail to fulfil its obligations, the Member is not entitled to make any claims against My10er for the full or partial reimbursement of the value of the My10er Voucher or Special Deal Voucher redeemed.

The Loyalty Merchant is solely responsible for all claims resulting from its failure to fulfil its obligations or failure to fulfil obligations correctly.

10. Liability

10.1. My10er accepts no liability and shall not be liable to a Member for the failure for any reason of a Loyalty Merchant to sell or supply the goods or services required by the Member.

11. Costs

11.1. Registration and participation in the My10er is free of charge for Members.

11.2. A Member receives a My10er Card / My10er Virtual Card free of charge as part of the registration process.

12. Termination

12.1. Member may terminate this Agreement anytime without penalty. A written termination should be submitted to

12.2. My10er may terminate this Agreement without liability to the Member a) on giving 7 days’ written notice b) immediately on giving written notice to the Member if the Member commits a breach of terms of this Agreement

13. General Provisions

13.1 Without the prior written approval of My10er, the agreement between My10er and the Member is not assignable by the Member nor can the Member assign Member Benefits.

13.2 Individual agreements always take precedence over these GTCs. All such agreements must be made in writing or confirmed in writing by My10er. It is assumed that the parties have not entered into any verbal agreements. My10er is further entitled to forward any contractual declarations and information necessary for the execution of the contract to the Member by text message or email, provided that the Member has disclosed the relevant contact details and does not object to this.

13.3 Any amendments to these GTCs communicated to a Member in writing and other any contractual agreements between the Member and

My10er are deemed to have been accepted by the Member unless the Member opposes their validity within thirty days following receipt of the amendment notification. The Member must have actually received notification of the amendment for this provision to be valid.

13.4 Words in the singular will include the plural and vice versa. A reference to one gender will include a reference to the other gender.

13.5 Should any provision of these GTCs be completely or partially invalid or unfeasible, the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected.

13.6. A Member must be at least eighteen years old in order to register and participate in the My10er.

Appendix 1

Glossary of defined terms

"My10er Card” is a plastic or paper card used in the My10er to record a Member’s Purchase from a Loyalty Merchant. It cannot be used as a means of payment. The My10er Card is also available in electronic form through the use of the My10er app.

"Registration Form” is the means of a Loyalty Merchant registering a new Member offline. Once completed the document must be sent to My10er for registration.

"General Business Terms and Conditions / GTCs” are these General Terms and Conditions for My10er Members as varied from time to time.

"Loyalty Merchant” is a business with which My10er has entered into a contract for the purpose of creating a Benefit for a Member when he makes a purchase.

"My10er Shopping Community” is the shopping community developed by My10er that enables a Member to receive Member Benefits when he makes a purchase from a Loyalty Merchant. It also enables him to receive accumulated My10er Voucher.

"My10er Vouchers” are accumulated £10 vouchers generated from Members’ shopping benefits that can be redeemed only to make purchases with Loyalty Merchants.

"Membership ID” is a unique number allocated by My10er that serves to identify the Member and is used to record his purchases.

"Special Deal Vouchers” are generated Vouchers from Special Deal purchases made by Members.